Museumplein, Amsterdam. Sunday 2nd January 2022. Covid-19. UnautMuseumplein, Amsterdam. Sunday 2nd January 2022. Covid-19. UnautUndercover police officers, and riot police, confront two protesters, one with a weapon, as both are in the grip of a canine unit, as police overpower and arrest them, on the Paulus Potterstraat by the Museumplein, during today’s unofficial anti-covid-19 demonstration.

The first main anti-covid 19 demonstration of the year. At least thirty arrests on the Museumplein, and four officers injured. The city council, the Public Prosecution Service and the police, banned the demonstration as there were signs, that some protesters would attend with weapons and were bent on violence. The situation got out of hand, when the demonstrators attempted to leave the vicinity of Museumplein, as they were boxed-in, on the Paulus Potterstraat, by a line of riot police, watercannon, canine units and at one stage two riot officers donned respirators, but no tear-gas was used. Once the violent element was eliminated, the demonstrators, some thousands strong, were permitted to continue the march to Westerpark.
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