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The Hague, The Netherlands. Thursday 21 April, 2022. Two large sunspot groups known as AR 229 and AR 2994, became visible a few days ago situated on the northeast limb of the sun, with an increased possibilities of vivid auroras and potentially damaging solar flares over the coming months. The sunspots are large enough they could swallow the whole Earth. The spots are caused by magnetic disruptions of the visible photosphere of the sun, which exposes the cooler layers underneath. Now Solar Cycle 25, Solar Cycle 1 commenced in the year 1775, when astronomers first recorded the event. This present cycle has yet to reach maximum, suggesting there will be even more sunspot activity to come. The sun's magnetic entanglements and disentanglement happen in 11-year cycles, with each solar cycle having phases of low and high activity. Image: New sunspots large enough to devour the Earth usher in Solar Cycle 25. © Charles M Vella/Alamy Live News/SOPA Images
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